Passed 2V0-621D / VCP6-DCV!

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My VMware VCP5-DCV (classes from Stanley) was expiring at the end of the month so today I picked up my VCP6-DCV. Now that I have moved into a dedicated security role, I'm not sure how much I'll need this cert in the future but I didn't want to let it lapse either. I've been the VMware SME at my company for the last year and a half so I was happy to take it while the skills are still fresh.If you take it keep in mind that this delta exam focuses on the changes from VMware 5.5 to 6. I chose to take the 6 exam instead of 6.5 so I can just do another delta exam to 6.5 if needed in two years.I wanted to get the Cisco SECOPS done before this one, but I ran out of time preparing for that one and was against the clock on my renewal. So next stop is SECOPS, and then probably relax with certs until I have to do my CE for my PMP later this year.Kyrak
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    How hard it was?
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    I already had my VCP5.5 and work with VMware every day so it wasn't really hard for me but YMMV. If you don't work with it every day, make sure to go through the blueprints and understand every point. There are a few Q's with esoteric commands that you hardly use, but if you can get the rest of them right then you can afford to miss those or take a best guess. Also there are always questions about licensing so make sure to understand the feature differences between the different versions.
    Up next: On Break, but then maybe CCNA DC, CCNP DC, CISM, AWS SysOps Administrator
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