Break from study whilst travelling for Work

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Hi Guys,

Was just looking to get some advice on study breaks.

Since the New Year I finished recapping CCNA (passed ICND2 last OCT/SEPT.

After that I began learning about the ASA platform, how ever after 2 weeks I needed to travel for work and have been finding it very difficult to study during this time due to tiredness and stress.

My question is would this be a good reason to justify a beak?

I know "if you want something, nothing should come in the way". But I feel this is a good opportunity to take a break for another week till im done travelling (2 weeks in total).

Any Feedback?

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[  ] CCNP Switch 300-115
[  ] CCNP T-Shoot 300-135

[  ]  NPDESI 300-550

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    Absolutely but traveling for two weeks, each day in a different city is different than traveling for two weeks and staying in the same hotel the entire trip.

    Not letting stuff get in the way normally refers to the excuse-making a lot of people do. "Too tired tonight", etc. You need to be mature enough to determine if something truly is a reason to pause studying and accept that it will set you back a bit. But that the alternative is even worse. No one would suggest that you should study at work and ignore the duties your boss imposes, or to totally ignore your family for a year. There are happy mediums here that allow you to balance everything.
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