How you know you love CCNA/Cisco.

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So I just wanted to share a story for people, who like myself are both struggling to do their jobs/RL while getting their cert at the same time.

So I'm in the military currently studying to be a military IT which involves taking the military's version of a Cisco/CCNA class. Of course it's more like the fastest pace bootcamp class you've ever taken. To give you some perspective on the day in question we had to do a skills exam, a cumulative covering the last 3 chapters, learn a new chapter and then get tested on said new chapter. That was a particular brutal day but we were learning and testing on a chapter per day. To make matters worse for myself I had watch the day before (not to mention that day's chapter test) so I came into the skills exam with only 2 hours of sleep (and keep in mind that's on top of the lack of sleep I'd had the rest of the week because of the little time we had to study). So there I am, about to take the skills exam and I'm just exhausted mentally and sleep deprived.

Then the skills exam started and everything just kind of melted away. I was configuring and troubleshooting routers and switches; and it was fun. It was like solving a puzzle as I struggle and screamed at the screen "Why don't you work!" and I finished the test feeling proud of myself and what I knew and figured out; and yet it was more than that. I couldn't stop talking to my classmates (much to their annoyance) about the test, what parts they got stuck on, telling them what I forgot/got stuck on and just nerding out over it. It wasn't until my lunch break that I suddenly remembered "Oh yea, I have no sleep ton0gkjgjnlkw"

In that groggy moment I realized, I love CCNA, I love cisco. I love the challenging of configuring and troubleshooting routers and switches, it's fun to me and makes me happy to do it.


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    I couldn't agree more. When I was taking classes, I loved nerding out with classmates while configuring and troubleshooting the lab they had there. My favorite part of the week now is the time I dedicate to labbing at home. I stick my headphones in, grab my jumbo mug of hot tea, and spend hours just practicing everything. Ever since I first started looking into Cisco several years back, I've been hooked to routing and switching. Keep it up!
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