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Hi everyone,

Restarted my net+ study earlier this month but this time with a view to finishing it. On previous two occasions dropped it because we were in the process of buying a house so couldn’t concentrate, having bought our house and restarting the self study, my daughter was born 3 months later. That was 4 years ago.

So I am currently using -

Mike Meyers All in One Exam Guide 6th edition

I don’t want to start pulling on all sorts of resources for my study but I am looking for a good accompaniment to the aforementioned book. Ideas and advice are most welcome and I have been looking at Prof. Messer.

I’d like to take the exam in May (ahead of the change to 007 in June) so I’ve got a lot of work to cover between now and then given I only really have two months.

Also any advice on “revision technique” would be helpful. I’ve always normally got by with the tried and tested -

Notes > memorise > understand > regurgitate

However I’m reading a lot of comments that suggest it’s not as straightforward anymore.


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    I literally just took and finished mine about an hour and barely passed. Study everything in that book. Alot of it is not really memorization it's just knowing procedure and how things work.
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    I remember when I took the Net+ exam, I used Professor Messer and Mike Myer's book and thought I was going to ace that exam, dang was humbled in the end. I was afraid to hit the button to see my score at the end. Many of the study materials go off simple questions based on the material you studied in their books, CompTIA to their credit( though I didn't appreciate it at the time) decided to make their questions scenario based as if you were addressing a networking problem in a real life situation. That exam forced me to really think the question scenarios through as if I was out in the field troubleshooting a situation.
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