Which exam is morr difficult?

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    Spelling tests are probably the hardest.

    Since the CISM has far more material available for study and testing. Add to that from what I understand from colleagues who have taken either or both exams, the CRISC is considered a bit more difficult.


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    From my experience, CRISC was harder.
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    I would say CRISC as the CISM job practice areas are more defined in my opinion.
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    OmniMan wrote: »
    CISM or CRISC?

    I would imagine it to depend on one's background.

    Personally, found CRISC to be a bit harder as compared to my CISA. Not because of the nature of the domain areas, but rather that there are many ways to manipulate the question into giving you false positives.

    Good luck
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    CRISC was easier for me because it focuses on risk.
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    For me, definitely the CRISC exam was more difficult. I passed the CISM exam on the first try; I had to take the CRISC exam twice before passing (I found the CRISC exam questions to be very tricky). Good luck! icon_study.gif
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