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I have a Linux+ study guide that has a neat "lab" in one of the appendices (sp?)... basically one of the was like: create a user, add him/her to whatever group, etc. At the bottom (if you get stuck) it tells you how to do it. Anyway, I found it an invaluable learning tool, as I'm real bad at memorizing stuff :) So I could work on my Linux box with the practice lab and actually learn how to do stuff rather than just read chapter after chapter :)
Anyway, I have been looking for something similar all over the place for additional practice and haven't found anything. Any ideas on where to look?


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    RussSRussS Member Posts: 2,068 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Unfortunately no, but I will look into it for you. What is the Linux+ book you already have?
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    nethersdenizennethersdenizen Member Posts: 51 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I've been using the red exam cram book by Michael Jang. It didn't come with any software that had labs or anything but this test is very basic and there are no simulations on it. I think you can pass this test with just the book but more advanced Linux tests will have you do real life things.

    I'm taking this test Friday, already have the time set and I paid my million billion dollars that they charge. I'll post my experiance and let everyone know if there were any surprises on this test. I don't know of anyone who has taken it yet.

    Just sit at the bash console and try out the stuff they talk about in the book. make some user groups and users, make some tar backups and restore them, install some RPM's and uninstall them, try the commands like ls, cat, file, tail, top, modprobe, lsof, insmod, lsmod, chmod, chown, ifconfig, xf86config...and whatever else might be in there. This is important to practice not really for passing the test but so that you know how to do it in the real world. The Linux+ is for people with 6 months experiance which is less than the 9 months for network+ which is also extremly basic if that is any indication of how indepth the questions will be. Passing score is 69% with 94 questions, can get a lot wrong and be ok.

    This doesn't have much to do with your question but don't worry too much about this test if you can pass the practice tests you get your hands on with about an 80% or better.

    Best of luck.
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    str8rektstr8rekt Member Posts: 3 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for the replies :) It was the Linux+ Certification Study Guide by Drew Bird, Mike Harwood... red and blue hard cover. Actually the book itself wasn't all that great. Lots of mistakes and didn't cover alot of the objectives at all. Probably a good book if you have experience, but I'm pretty new at it :) The best part of the book was the hands on lab thing tho.
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