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What is the best site for cissp questions? I take the test on 13 April


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    Thats a tough question to answer. Personally, I found the Official (ISC)2 Practice tests book to be the best! I also really liked Shon Harris Total Tester.

    I'd stay away from McGraw-Hill and CCcure.
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    I'd recommend trying at least a couple of sources. Sybex is a good start and covers the right material, however many of the questions are structured in a way which is too straightforward, if you can find some which are more scenario based and which force you to exercise your decision making - they may be a better choice.
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    Check out the excellent free CISSP training at
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    Williev wrote: »
    What is the best site for cissp questions? I take the test on 13 April

    Apps I bought so far and see many people attribute value to are:

    1. Laurie Hocking CISSP iOS app and Flash card, both cost me $20.00 dollars, like 10bucks each.
    2. Official CISSP Testing app by Sybex - 1300 QUESTIONS and it cost $10
    3. CISSP App by Pocketprep, I used them for CISM exam and it has high value and it cost me $29.99 with 650 Questions, very valuable tool.
    4. Skillset app is 99 for month, it gives pass guarantee or get a refund if you are scoring in the area of 100% on your practice test before actual test. (I did not buy this one yet, still doing cost benefit analysis, exam itself is 700 to 800 bucks)
    5. Boson CISSP text exam, very valuable too I have heard and it cost about $85 dollars with coupon code :). I haven't bought this yet but many people regard it highly and attributes value to it.
    6. Sari Green 6hrs Video on Safaribooksonline and Kelly Handerhand CISSP on should not be overlooked.
    7. Larry Greenblatt the Kungfu CISSP is quite interesting, his old videos are like $1 for rent on youtube for 5 days of training which is like 25hrs. See link:
    8. CISM Courses by Kelly Handerhand - 8hrs of free training on, CISSP I believe is going Management and leaving the technical people behind, Security exist to support the business and Risk is the determinant factor. This is also my approach to the CISSP exam.

    Have fun buddy
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    H-bomb wrote: »

    I'd stay away from McGraw-Hill and CCcure.

    What did you find the problem with CCcure? Quite a few people recommended that to me although I have been using it now and have mixed feelings at the moment. Some of the questions seem very poorly worded and often categorised in wrong domains.

    Curious how you found it to the real thing?
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    CCCure generally suffers a bit from becoming stale as people want the questions but rarely update or write new questions on their own. Its a good start to build up your exam stamina and continues to be a very good test engine.

    A quick look at Amazon 'CISSP Questions' yields 140 results. Plenty of material there to go through so its just a matter of finding the right material or presentation for the individual. Basically, the one you will actually go through and complete. Buying a book and never actually reading it is just a waste. I have a few at home I should really circle back and read myself but run out of time in the day. Just as guilty in that respect.

    The one I used years ago was the SSI/Rao book. Not sure if its been updated or if the obviously wrong answers were ever corrected but that was a very good book to use and the questions were very, very close to what was on the exam. Now before someone complains about calling out wrong answers I can say all these books contain factual inaccuracies of many sorts from misspellings to outright wrong answers. It's just part and parcel for the material involved.

    - b/eads
  • cbdudekcbdudek Member Member Posts: 68 ■■■□□□□□□□
    The most accurate CISSP questions I got from the official ISC2 practice tests book. I also used a few other sources because I wanted to make sure I had a firm grasp on as much as I could. I used skillset, the official ISC2 app for the flashcards and questions while I was on the go, and finally I used the Shon Harris sample questions. Those were enough to help me pass.
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    hy was official ISC2 practice tests book good? What stood out?
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