IAPP CIPM exam Advice?

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Can anyone offer advice on the new CIPM exam? I am planning on taking the CIPM soon and am studying the text book but it has not been updated to reflect the updated exam. any advice on studying materials?



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    Study method for me that worked. Read the book twice or three times. Then notes, that make sense to you to remember. Then flash cards on definitions, life cycles, and the flow of the book. on the test, each question has a clue to the answer, re-read if you need too. It should come to you if you know the content. Hope this helps.
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    Also read some IAPP \ other privacy blog's - they do reference some questions that are topical and not in the books.
    CITP | CCSP | CCSK | AWS CCP | VCP | CISM | CIPM | PMP | MCSE, etc.......
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    I spoke with IAPP at RSA. Seems like the CISM is fairly straight-forward and relies heavily on their Privacy Management book. 
  • gdprstudentgdprstudent Posts: 8Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    I’ve taken this exam and failed - twice.

    i think on each occasion I’ve tried to read too deep into the question which has probably led to the incorrect conclusion. Hopefully 3rd time lucky...!
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    What Study materials are you using?
  • gdprstudentgdprstudent Posts: 8Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    The iapp official privacy mgmt book. Also read the iapp website a bit more since the 1st attempt. Any other suggestions greatly welcome!
  • AlwaysStudyingAlwaysStudying Posts: 29Member ■■■□□□□□□□
    I'm taking the CIPM in next 2 weeks...
    I'm using :
    Privacy Program Management Book
    Privacy Program Management (Participant Guide)
    IAPP website\bloggs

    I'll let you know result.....;  B)
  • gdprstudentgdprstudent Posts: 8Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    Thanks - wasn’t aware of quizlet. Wasn’t aware that there was a participant guide either...(?)

    I’ve been averaging between 80-95% on quizlet today but those qs aren’t a true reflection of the actual test (imho) however I’m going to book again so let’s see!
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    I strongly recommend IAPP's prescribed book for CIPM. Reading it a couple times while trying to imagine similar scenarios in your work place and how you would react to them if you were the privacy manager. This style of studying makes you confident with the material. 

    Also, there are several places in the book which talk about Data protection across the globe -- regulations in USA, Australia, etc. And other guidelines like OECD. When I studied, I downloaded each of them and studied at least the intro part. There were questions from outside the book, although very few. 

    Good luck. 
  • AlwaysStudyingAlwaysStudying Posts: 29Member ■■■□□□□□□□
    Further, ensure you are covering each and every point on the CIPM Body of Knowledge (BoK) from the IAPP, maybe overkill, but better to be fully prepared and confident,
    rather than seeing questions that stump you. Bear in mind as Suranand says, there will be questions outside the book, so lets keep uncovered\unknown items to a minimum. B)
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