Any Method Of Procedure For Upgrade Of IOS

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Does anyone have an MOP for upgrading of an IOS?

Also, if I save the config in notepad such that there is
, will it affect anything if something happens and I upload it back?

Then should I copy and paste config in bit by bit?


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    1. Find official configuration guide.
    2. Locate "How to Upgrade the System Image" in the official configuration guide.
    3. Follow said configuration guide.

    Once you learn how to upgrade the image, you can create your own Method Of Procedure specific to your environment.

    I wouldn't leave
    in my config...
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    every manufacturer of network equipment has a procedure for upgrading the "ios".
    google it.
    read it.
    do what it says.

    and none of those procedures involve cutting and pasting.
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    if you're getting your config by logging your session and doing a show run, then before you do it, do a terminal length 0. Then show run. That'll give you a full uninterrupted output for your config. Then set it back with terminal length 25.
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  • dppagcdppagc Member Posts: 293
    ok thanks all.
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