A+ 901 Passed

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Just finished the A+ 901 test on Friday with a 707, completing this for WGU. I plan on studying for 902 for a couple weeks before taking it.Study Recommendations: I used Ucertify mostly, i read the chapters mostly to cover material i was unfamiliar with and then did all the practice tests, pre assessment, post assessment and a couple generic labs. I also watched the mike meyers videos of udemy.


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    Congrats! I'm hoping to take my 902 test in March/April
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    Congrats on the pass!! :)
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    UPDATE: Took 902 Friday 3/16 and passed. I found 902 easier than 901, maybe I was just given easier questions but I found the situational questions easier than the specific hardware specification questions. I used mostly Ucertify again for practice questions/sims and also used Professor Messer/Mike Meyers videos. The simulations are the hardest part but Ucertify prepared me well for them.
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    Hardware questions are harder to study for because of sheer exposure. The folks who write questions often pull from experience and if you haven't had a lot of experience with the metal (depth and breadth of a lot machines) then you might struggle more than you would with the software that everyone has handled a whole lot. Later on when you've put your hands on a lot of machines you will look back and say, "oh yea. I would have asked that too."

    A pass is a pass, and congrats on this accomplishment!
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    Great... Congratulations!icon_thumright.gif
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    Congradulations! I've been studying really hard for my 902. Strangely enough i'm more nervous about the 902 than the 901 for some reason...
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    I just started WGU and because my A+ was long expired, I have to take this course. I did the pre-assessment, to my dismay I got 75%. I'm hoping to brush up on the course work in about a week or two and knock out the 901.

    Congrats on your success!
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    Congrats, dirish9! Thanks for sharing what helped you have success.

    And best wishes, D20 and Rosco2382!
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    Thanks everyone for the support! And good luck to those taking A+. Onto SSCP and then Net+.
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