AWS Moving to Azure

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I'm always looking for ways to build my Cloud Security skills I'm into AWS I love the product its great and always recommend it to anyone interested in Cloud. That being said in the back of my mind I keep thinking should I expand to other products. I'm more of a security guy then cloud so I study more of how to effectively secure cloud environments. I really don't know anything about Azure and only minimal about GCP is there a hard conversion between them. Should i even go that route and at least get the basic training's for them?

It sound like a good idea to me but I realized that im starting to be a cert collector I have about 7 picked out for this year.

am I overreacting or is it a wise investment. I may or may not present your comments to my family and say see Internet experts told me i need this.
I find your lack of Cloud Security Disturbing!!!!!!!!!
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