looking for dd-wrt compatible router

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hey guys:

just moved to new apartment and i have upgraded my internet speed to 200 mbps...and realized my router max speed is only 100 mbps so not getting what i pay for.

I need a 802.11ac dual band router in range of $50-$70 that will run dd-wrt. looked over amazon...too many choices so i am super confused.



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    That's a good problem to have I only have 22 Mbps.

    I bought a Nighthawk AC1900 from a guy at work for $100 and believe they can be had on Ebay for the same or cheaper. He runs the custom software on his identical one at home, but I use the stock software and haven't had any problems. Same SSID for 2.4/5 was my favorite feature.
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    How does DD WRT compare to the brand new high end router firmware on the market?
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