Passed second time!

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I felt I needed to give something back as this community has helped in making sure I passed the second time around!

I currently have 5 years 2nd line desktop support experience and a couple more years in the smb environment.

Study material
Sybex 7th edition - Read through once and referred back to when working through practice questions that I didn't fully understand. 8/10
Cybrary Cissp videos - great overview with some excellent tips. 8/10
11th Hour - Read through twice, once a few days just before the exam both times, in my opinion essential to passing. 9/10
Sybex Cissp practice questions app (android) - 8/10 Sybex Wiley test banks - 8/10
Cissp practice questions by Laurie Hocking app(ios) 6/10
Boson Cissp practice exam - this was the only different practice test the second time around and quite possibly made the difference between me failing again, excellent breakdown on answers that really is key to why these are so good. 9/10.
Mike Chapple Cissp prep - Lynda. 7/10
Larry Greenblatt - CISSP 2018 Exam Tips 9/10

The first time I took the exam I was so overwhelmed and blown away by how different the questions were and how they were worded, I felt that I just hadn't prepared enough and came up against terms I felt hadn't even been in the study materials. I spent 2 hours hours on the first 40 questions and then left myself the last hour to get through the rest, when it went passed 100 I knew there was no way I was going to be able to answer the full 150 if needed and ended up running out of time! I was gutted and shell shocked and almost gave up then and there.

After a few days I dusted myself off and booked the second exam. In the run up the only difference was the fact I purchased the Boson exam practice tests and rotated all the practice tests not just focusing on the one set. I also went through the Mike Chapple videos which did certainly help give me a slightly different perspective on the materials I was already using. I also took on board what many people have said and really drilled down on the processes and spent a lot of time on bcp/drp, SDLC and SW CMM and just knowing them inside out. This is key in my opinion to success.

The second exam I took a different approach and did not study the day before and got plenty of sleep, I also booked the test at midday (1pm) compared to the first which was at 8:00am. The only study on the day was to watch Larry Greenblatt - CISSP 2018 Exam Tips which I urge everyone to watch before going in and a quick read through of the notes. The exam itself was similar to the first but I was more prepared and managed my time better to ensure I could get to the 150 mark with plenty of time. I finished on 100 and was over the moon.

Moral of the story, don't give up, keep going and you'll get it.

Thanks everyone, appreciate all the tips and help along the way.


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    Congrats! Thanks for sharing study materials used. I see some new set of materials on your list.
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    Congrats on the pass and way to stay with it! Per your suggestion, I am buried in the Boson practice exams right now.

    I also like the Greenblatt video as well. He stresses to think like a lawyer and I thought the entire video gave great advice.

    Again, CONGRATS.....looks like it is well-deserved. You suffered disappointment and did something about it! Nice job!!!!
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    Congrats you nailed in 100 questions...
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