Best Certification for Firmware and Embedded Systems?

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I'm in the process of determining the best certification for learning security testing of embedded systems. I've completed the GWAPT certification from GIAC and the SEC642 course from SANS. However, I'm looking for a training course that focuses on firmware security, preferably with the option of a certification.

I believe one of the two courses linked below could teach what I'm looking for. However, I wanted to hear everyone else's thoughts. There may be another certification I'm not considering.

The first offers a course in advanced pentesting, but is more broad to cover network security as well. The second covers industrial control systems, which has embedded systems included. However, I'm concerned firmware may only be covered briefly at a high level, as the GICSP covers broader areas like monitoring, logging, and incident management. I'm having trouble finding a security course that addresses firmware and embedded systems specifically. It doesn't have to be a GIAC course, that's just the source I'm most familiar with. Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advanced.


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