Site to site VPN tunnel group query

Robbo777Robbo777 Member Posts: 331 ■■■□□□□□□□
Hi, so i have a question regarding the establishment of the tunnel overall. For example, lets say the 2 endpoints have been setup and both have static IP's with tunnel groups with the IP address of the remote peer to. One peer sends traffic over to the other, all works fine...

I'm wondering the process by which the ASA or router selects that particular tunnel group with the IP address of the remote peer with the correct PSK in it. Does it know to select that particular one by the source IP coming from the remote peer?
Is the first phase 1 traffic/process initiated also when traffic is sent by one of the peers then the whole process takes place and it knows how to get there because of the IP address in the tunnel group?

With dynamic peers to, say if one side had a static IP and the other dynamic, if the side with the dynamic IP had multiple tunnel groups with different IP's then would that ASA/router cycle through the tunnel groups until it got hit one with a matching PSK?

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