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I've been kicking around the OSCP for a while now, but always a bit terrified at the 'try (to swim in deep water) harder!' nature of it. Recently heard about the elearning offerings and grabbed the elite bundle for the PTS.

The material I found pretty good & remarked to coworkers that it feels like what the CEH should be. Other than some minor spelling/grammar errors (are they non-native English speakers, I wonder?), the material was pretty good. I finished the provided labs last night and planned to start the exam first thing this morning.

The exam was quite fun. I see-saw'd between "I have no idea what I'm supposed to do" and "hey! something I think I can follow-up on". In total I completed in just under 3 hours and scored 95%. I'm curious which one I got wrong & it's gonna bug me for a while.

Currently I'm waiting for live chat to find out if having done the PTS provides any discount when purchasing the PTP, as that's up next, with the oscp completing the hat trick (trifecta?)
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    Congrats on the pass! I believe they will try to upsell you on PTP with some sort of discount. If you don't get an email from them at some point, you can always inquire.
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    bermovick wrote: »
    . . . Other than some minor spelling/grammar errors (are they non-native English speakers, I wonder?), the material was pretty good. . .

    Italian. They are based in Italy, though they must have hired an American for the video narrations.
    bermovick wrote: »
    . . . The exam was quite fun. . .

    eJPT was by far the funnest cert I've ever done. Not sure if eCPPT is as enjoyable or not.
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    is there discount on ECPPT when you buy PTS
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    Congrats! And amazing that you finished the exam so quickly.

    I'm pretty sure that they use software for the video narrations. Sometimes, "he" would suggest using the "i-s" command when it was really the "l-s" command. I found a few other examples.

    Still, it was a great course.
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    How long did it take you to complete the course? I know it's different for everyone, but just looking at OP's certs, it may give me an estimate for myself.
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    Thanks everyone!

    @wannabeanOSCP: The support said there wasn't any discounts for the PTP currently icon_sad.gif

    @tedjames: I noticed that too (also how they pronounce meterpreter haha)

    @ansionnachcliste: I think it took me a couple weeks of hitting the slides and videos pretty heavily. I did the labs last. Since the exam was 'open book', I referenced the slides/lab walkthroughs a couple times when I got stuck.
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    Congrats Mate! The eJPT was an awesome course indeed!!

    I'm in the middle of GPEN, when I finish, eCPPT is on my radar!!

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