RHCSA Practice Exams?

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Anyone aware of where I can obtain some of these? I have access to the books by Jang, Ghori and Van Vugt, but that is just a hand full of practice exams. I am looking to over compensate with a dozen of more than what I have.



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    Hi, welcome to the forum. Are you familiar with certdepot.com? They offer one practice exam: https://www.certdepot.net/rhel7-rhcsa-sample-exam-1/

    You can also sign up on Linux Academy for their practice exam as they actually have a grader for it the last time I checked. This was around August 2016 when I took the RHCSA.

    I'm due to take the RHCE in 7 weeks. Not going to use Linux Academy for it this time. Since I am familiar with the Red Hat exam format and have taken many other exams from various vendors in the past, I'm quite confident enough to create my own practice exams. I'm in the process of drafting up my own practice exam as we speak, using the lab environments I created based off Jang's book (which I posted on my GitHub), covering most of the objectives as much as possible.

    With that being said, I believe you probably have what it takes to challenge yourself, become creative with out-of-the-box thinking, coming up with the problems you'd want to solve. I think it's also quite helpful that you review the objectives and rank them in order from the most difficult (hard to remember) to the least difficult (stuff you remember by heart). Drill on the hard stuff first as much as you can. Also you'd want to read about the test takers' experiences posted here and other places on the web as they'd provide enough hints to look out for the pitfalls.
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    Red Hat RHCSA/RHCE 7 Cert Guide Premium Edition and Practice Tests
    Red Hat RHCSA/RHCE 7 Cert Guide Premium Edition and Practice Tests | Pearson IT Certification
    comes with 4 complete RHCSA sample exams
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    If you are able to do Vugt's exams without any hints you're good to go.
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