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I trying (without much success) to get the CCNA manual by Richard Deal (McGraw Gill) has anyone used this book to gain certification? It came with Boson Net Sim which I see from a previous post is not that highly regarded. My background is telephony (not IP) and although I do have access to our LAN any maintenance is farmed out to a NOC. So the only hands on practice I get is with the Net Sim, is this enough and will the manual be OK/


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    I am using the Mcgraw-hill book by Richard Deal in my studying and I think it's a great book.

    Having said that I didn't pass the ccna first time using just that book. I had to go and buy the sybex book and a subscription to [url]http://www.****.com/[/url]
    I feel alot more ready for my second attempt now, So in short, go and get some other study material to compliment the book. I highly recommend ****!
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    I warn you Mcgraw hill book has some major errors
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