Has anyone taken N10-007 or plan to take it soon?

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Just looking for some feedback.. what I'm really wondering is whether it's harder/easier than the 006.


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    My guess is it's going to be very similar to 006. I"m going to for 007 since it's the latest one so minus well is my mindset.
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    Quavo wrote: »
    Just looking for some feedback.. what I'm really wondering is whether it's harder/easier than the 006.

    My guess is that it would be slightly harder. At the end of the day the concepts are still the same. TCP is still TCP no matter which way you slice and dice it.
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    It looks like they made the new N10-007 exam easier than the N10-006, according to this certmag.com article from November: An overview of changes to CompTIA's new Network+ exam - CertMag

    The article is written by Emmett Dulaney. He's the Author of Exam Cram Network+ books & he's also the Author of the A+ & Security+ books from Sybex. He does a really good job breaking down the exam details & objectives of the N10-007 vs. N10-006. The key excerpt from the article is:

    While A+ certification has always been recommended but never required, N10-006 additionally suggested Network+ candidates should have nine months of experience in network support or administration. N10-007 now suggests nine-to-12 months of work experience, but that experience should be in IT networking.

    There can be a considerable difference between nine months experience in networking and nine months experience in network administration. To complement this change, complex objectives requiring hands-on knowledge have been depreciated in favor of more conceptual and/or knowledge-based ones. Configuration, for example, of firewalls, DNS, and other components has largely been replaced by more focus on the concepts themselves.

    Also, I'm currently watching a Webinar from February with with CompTIA's Director of Product Management for the Network+ exam. When talking about the major difference between the N10-006 & the N10-007 exams, she mentions that the N10-006 was geared towards Network Administrators, while the new updated N10-007 is geared towards Junior Network & Systems Admins.

    Skip to the 17:45 mark:
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    Im pretty new to all of this but went the class room method and ill be taking it in about a week and a half ill update with any (non spoiler) areas of focus that i think might be an issue for people.
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    I just bought the Network+ 007 not realizing that exam 006 doesn't expire until Aug I believe. If I take the 006, theoretically speaking I should be covered on the material for 007 book correct?
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