CompTIA Network+ Study Guide by Todd Lammle and Exam Objectives

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Just curious if most are following the exam objectives as listed on the printout sheet or do you start from chapter one of the text you're reading. I'm current reading Todd Lammle's Network+ 3rd Edition but was wondering if I was going about it wrong since the exam objectives for chapter 1 are listed on the last few pages of the printout sheet?
icon_study.gif I'm also cross referencing with Mike Meyer's network+, I like how he's able to drive things home with certain topics in comparison to Lammle's style of writing. I guess it doesn't really matter as long as you understand each topic for the test, but I was curious about the different approaches some are using to tackle the material. Thought is was strange that key concepts for understanding networking would be listed on the last few pages of the exam printout sheet or is it CompTIA wants you to learn the material how its listed???


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    For me, may seem to odd others, but i don't look at exam objectives prior to reading my main study material. If i look at exam objectives first i feel like I'll miss important information as i won't be as focused on topics that may not be listed or are vague in the objectives. I read all of Mike Meyer's book first. After that was done i printed out and looked at the exam objectives making some notes based on what i had finished reading. Once i had my notes i started watching Professor Messer and referencing Mike's book again to fill in any gaps where i may be missing notes on exam objectives.
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