Passed CEH

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I will say this much, the exam wasn’t too difficult but there were a few nmap questions that made me think. I had taken the UMUC class and the GCIH course so a lot of the material rolled over. My employer had paid for me to attend the course and it was just a quick review over everything. The GCIH course is what really helped me the most to be honest.
What I used additionally to study:
Sybex book CEH v9 and the practice test book
Matt walker all in one. I will admit I glanced over it but nothing too difficult to understand.

I’m definitely relieved to have this one knocked out and I can start looking at the CySA next. As much as everyone knocks this exam it wasn’t too difficult but you definetly need an understanding of some of the tools.
Goals: AWS Solutions Architect; OSCP; GPYC; GSE; CISSP


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