Trying to assess how ready I am for Network+

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For those of you who passed the Network+ and used techexams.net practices, how do you rate them to reflect your preparedness?

I feel really comfortable with objectives 1.x - 3.x, but I would really like to try more practice questions for all the troubleshooting scenarios in the 4.x objectives. To me, that seems to be the most difficult section because of all the possible scenarios. Any suggestions?

I have found the tech notes to be really helpful. A lot of it was good review and there were some new things I learned as well.


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    Hi i'm writting tomorow, when i 1st discovered this site i decided that perhaps i wasn't as ready as I originally thought. I've studied all the tech notes and was able to do the exams easily, i aslo studies two full text books and did every online exam i could find for free. wish me luck.I know this is a little off topic but since gettting the blaster worm and fixing it, also had to unsinstall commonname spyware my explorer browser refuses to allow me to close certain pages, anyone else experiencing the same troubles
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    the secret of when to book an exam is to book it when you are confident and certain that you will pass (the fact that you will change your mind many times after the exam is booked as to whether you still feel confident is a different matter).

    when you slip into "review mode" or become complacent because you feel you pretty much know it enough anyway are other indicators of when you are ready to book the exam.

    my exam was full of scenario questions. if you are not confident enough or think you don't know enough to be able to fathom out the answers, you just need to hit the books a bit harder and try to read between the lines - or get hold of a different book, in an attempt to see the topics from a (potentially) different perspective.

    what book(s) are you using at the moment? i only had one book for my network+ exam - but i had bought some general networking books to help me with the networking portions of my a+.

    i had the complete idiot's guide to networking by alpha books/que, teach yourself networking in 24 hours by samms and networking complete by sybex. the latter book was the better as it was a compilation of chapters from groth's network+ book as well as chapters from ccna and nt4/tcp exams.

    though not exam specific, those books helped fill out the material in my network+ passport. guides from this and other certification sites, as well as constant comparing my study and practise test results to the exam objectives and membership of this and other certification forums helped me keep it all together and answered any questions and queries i had.

    have you tried many practise exam questions? what kind of things are giving you problems with the troubleshooting/scenario questions?

    (i had a serious problem trying to understand vlans at the beginning - i think it was because i skipped over topologies because i had covered them recently in a+ and went straight for detailed notes on switches, hubs, routers, etc - to my cost).
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    janmikejanmike Member Posts: 3,076
    I studied for about 2 months, then I passed Net+ TechExam practice questions 95-100% about a week before I took my exam. I passed with room to spare.

    Also, I agree, troubleshooting scenarios are abundant on this exam. Find all you can to study along this line of material. If you're experienced then it is probably second nature to follow the evaluation sequence of troubleshooting. The big thing is filtering out everything that has nothing to do with the problem that you're assessing! When you're at the exam, be sure that you take time to read the questions carefully.
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    DarthLoafyDarthLoafy Member Posts: 7 ■□□□□□□□□□
    It's not that I'm having problems with the scenarios, I just want to try a lot more of them for practice. My question should have been, does anyone have a suggestion for a good resource for scenario type questions? I would like to be really confident going into the exam and the scenarios just seem more difficult because you have to use several different knowledge bases. I really don't want to buy a practice exam
    (transcender) this time.

    As far as study goes, I had a Business Data Communications class as part of my degree and have done basic networking hands on. To get more specific details about Netware, tcp/ip utilities, unix/linux, appletalk, I used the great technotes here and the Sybex Network+; I seem to like those Sybex books.
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