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I've passed the LFCS exam and finally got my first professional Linux certification! :D

The inputs shared here about the exam have been helpful in preparing me for it and having an idea on what to expect. Still, I've felt like the exam was very time intensive, there were a lot of tasks, almost each with several sub-tasks to complete in 2 hours.

I've tested against the 2016 objectives: https://training.linuxfoundation.org/images/pdfs/LFCS_Domains_Competencies_V2.16.pdf but these will be modified starting from 20th March. It seemed to me that a lot of the material in the objectives wasn't represented in the exam as I expected it, while other topics which I didn't focus on so much appeared in the questions.

Like others, I've experienced the terminal lag and also a freeze of a couple of minutes, but thankfully I've been able to successfully complete it nonetheless.

I advise on mastering more subjects than are covered in the objectives, and also paying attention to command line operations with regex, some bash scripting and be able to perform a lot of disk operations. CertDepot is a good resource for practice, it's geared more towards RHCSA but also it has been very helpful for my LFCS studies.


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    Congrats on your pass.

    Regarding whats is covered on the exam. The syllabus states ALL the objectives covered by the exam. What sucked is that we EXPECTED the course to cover all the topics. I think that is why people FEEL the exam covered OTHER topics. But in essence the exam only covered what was on the syllabus and nothing more.
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