Beginning OSCP/InfoSec Journey - Need Pointers

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Hello All,

First of all let me introduce myself and my experience and current certifications

Current Job: Junior Network Support Engineer
Age: 19 (Probably not relevant...)
Certifications: CCENT (My ICND2 Is in 2 months which I am feeling confident for!)
Hacking/Info Sec Experience: I would class myself as a beginner but I have done some of the basic boxes on HTB & VulnHub.

I have done quite a lot of research over the past few weeks on getting started properly with InfoSec and came across a few possible starting points. (I would like some form of 'paid' introduction so I am not just following walkthroughs on google)

So far I have kinda decided on paying for the eJPT or the Virtual Hacking Labs (I am really torn between the 2)

Ideally I would like some pointers on where to start and any information/reviews on eJPT & Virtual Hacking Labs.

I would also like to mention that if anyone has any other recommendations beside eJPT and Virtual Hacking Labs I would prefer it to include some form of practical labs.

Any help/pointers to begin my adventure would be really appreciated :)

Thank you:)
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