Which certification is worth while for an engineer?

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Hi, new to the idea of all of these certifications, but looking for some advice. I've done a little reading on the SANs website as well as on here at some of your posts. Basically I am a full stack engineer of 3 years and recently joined a new company that is security focused. The contract I am on also desires me to select one of the IAT level lll certifications and proceed in taking it. I was wondering which of these (CASP CE, CCNP Security, CISA, CISSP (or Associate), GCED, GCIH) would be the most worthwhile in your opinion. All is paid for by the contract I am on, but I am having a hard time deciding which would be best applied to the development world in the future. I have been looking more at the GCED over some of the others, but I am not too sure if someone who has no idea what any of this stuff is (only at a high level) if I am biting off more than I can chew. I have no issues putting in the time studying as it's required by my job, but all of this speak of 'indexes' etc confuses me. (Side note, I am assuming an index is just like a big chunk of notes used for studying and taking the test)

Thanks in advance for any input
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