Sitting the PenTest+ Beta in a Month

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So back in November I passed my Security+ Exam to grasp the fundamentals of Security. Since i'm currently undertaking an Internship, I figured this would give my knowledge a good boost and it would look nice on a CV as well.

Now that i'm pretty set on going down the PenTest route, i'm taking the PenTest+ Beta in the next month. I plan to use CEH Study Guides and online Tests, as well as focusing on picking up some basic experience with Python and Ruby before taking the exam, since I have read that the exam itself is apparently full of Scripting heavy practical questions.

I have also picked up the PenTest+ Objectives guide, but i'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what else I could do to prepare for this? Any other Tutorials or anything else at all that could help a little more?



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    Search the other threads, everybody says you have to get your hands dirty. I think a colleague has his old GPEN material so I'm going to give it a read, then skim the current CEH material, and try my hands at hackthebox and vulnhub. If I fail then no big loss, at least it got me to study some pentesting.
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    The only way to prepare for this exam is to perform penetration tests.
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    The only way to prepare for this exam is to perform penetration tests.
    That's what she said.
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    From what I see, it might depend on your experience with certain tools, scripting, etc. It looks to me like a test on a wide variety of pen testing tools and OSs. Just because I have performed pen tests doesn't mean I have experience with the variety of items they list. I guess I will find out for myself in a month.
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