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Since I'll be getting a free voucher (don't ask), should I just go for broke and take the CASP? Or play it safe and go for the CySA? Really don't care if I fail or not.

I do work in cybersecurity managing infrastructure (hardening, scanning, network analysis, documentation, etc). The most recent security cert I have is the CCNA CyberOps.

Thanks for your replies.


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    Personally, I would go for the CASP, since it is the better known cert of the two. Not to mention, CySA is similar to the CCNA: Cyber Ops, so two similar certs doesn't make as much sense to me. Just my two cents...especially since I have been actively working on the CASP myself (also a free voucher).
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    I'd go for the CASP. It has better name recognition.

    Having done the CSA+ Beta, SECFND and SECOPS exams, the CISCO ones were a bit harder so I agree there's no use having the CSA+ when you already have the CCNA Cyber Ops .

    I actually want the CTT+ so I'll hunt for the next Beta.
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