Sick Of IT?

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I don't exactly hate IT but I hate looking at the forums and seeing temp jobs and people out of work and higher level jobs paying under 40K a year, people striving for experience getting paid $8.00/hour. It seems people are getting screwed. I have been fortunate enough to get a good job and so far keep it for a fews years but looking at these forums makes me pretty nervous. I have always kept the attitude that hard work brings luck but it seems everyone is so damn negative. What do you think?

Also I feel after working in IT I loose the people person I use to consider a good quality for myself. I really have to struggle to not get annoyed or bothered by low level issues or problems that do not entertain me anymore. You know what I mean?


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    It's been a tough few years if you're a young guy with little experience, though now I think things are getting better now. I accepted what I would consider my first "real job" in IT 3 months ago, and have been contacted several times in the past 3 months about other positions. Of course I wish I was being paid more, but I think what I'm making is fair for my amount of experience.

    I will admit to being very discouraged for, well, basically all of last year.

    People can be frustrating, but it's no better in any other line of work. My wife is in medical and she hates it. Idiocy abides everywhere nowadays. icon_rolleyes.gif I figure I might as well be working with equipment and software that is exciting while I have to deal with said people, and maybe that will be enough to keep me from hurting them. icon_lol.gif
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    I guess it depends on where you live. I recently changed jobs, and I had several good options to choose from. The first job is always tough though.
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    Garv i have to agree with your comment:
    I really have to struggle to not get annoyed or bothered by low level issues or problems that do not entertain me anymore. You know what I mean?

    I can find it difficult to be happy and smiling and sound interested with every fault I have to deal with but i guess you have to take the boring with the less boring.

    The difficult part i have found is if you want to branch out and do more complex tasks etc you wont often get the pay for it, so its balancing what you do to keep you entertained against how much they pay you for it.....

    Just my own opinion.
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    Ahh my friend, join the club. I posted a similar topic a few months back.

    I understand exactly what are going through.

    But things do have to be put in perspective. Most people on this site, who are struggling, are usually inexperienced people looking for their first job.

    But, to be honest, I had the same trouble back in 97 during the boom times. My first job was a 3 month 'work experience' stint that lead to my first job. I started at $21/hour but found that many other people were around $15-20/hour (AUD)

    There was definitely a low period in 2002 which I was out of work for 4 months but since then have had no trouble getting work. When I think that the industry has got harder, more competitve I just look back and compare with 97 and realise not much has really changed.

    Perhaps salaries for higher paid jobs have gone down a bit but compare them with other industries. The pay is still dam good and I am pretty happy at 27 with my pay rate even though I am not doing anything different to what I was a couple of years ago when I was earning a lot less. That was my mid point in my career.

    I describe this mid point as the point in which you are probably half way to your career goal. For example I am technical lead/project manager. I hope one day to get to CTO or CIO status. Next step will be full time project management, then mid-level manegment and so on. I have come a long way since Help Desk, I have good technical skills and understand IT operations inside out now. Its that point where you know a hell of a lot more than when you began, you have some major certs, have quite a bit of experience and are doing high level technical work with high responsibilities but your pay packet is just not reflecting it yet.

    Thats when your due for the next step in your career. If your kinda bored with what your doing, time to put your expertise to use and make some serious cash from it. Start making your move to your next level in your career.

    Anyway enough about that rant. I might do a graph of my career, bit bored since I am in between projects now.

    And don't get me started about irritation. I can't even speak to a friend, family member or anyone about petty little PC problems anymore. 30 seconds and I am ready to blow my top. Even little server problems get me going. I think that comes with vast knowledge and experience though.
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    Thanks. It is starting to get hard to distinguish what low level and high level is anymore. In IT you learn so fast that last years high level is this years annoyance. Every now and then I will look a job postings (I have no intention on leaving my current postion) to just to reel me back in on the market and it is something I don't want to have to do- look for another job, thats sucks. I love my job and position.
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