":Error - Bad file number"

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Hello all. I really hope I can get some help here, because I think I've done everything correctly in this kron and ftp config (shown below). What am I doing wrong here? It works well for some of my 2960-S and one of my 2960-X switches. Works fine for all of my 1941 routers. I can't understand what causes the ":Error - Bad file number" message.


conf tip domain-lookupip name-server DC_DNS1 DC_DNS2archivepath ftp://<server_hostname>/Switch/<switch location>/<switch hostname>/$h.cfgwrite-memoryexitip ftp username ftp_userip ftp password ftp_passwordkron occurrence Third_of_month at 3:00 3 recurringpolicy-list Config_Backupkron policy-list Config_Backupcli write memoryexit exit[COLOR=#58585B][FONT=CiscoSans]


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