Beginning OSCP / My OSCP Journey

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Hello All,

I recently posted about beginning OSCP and I have decided to persue Virtual Hacking Labs over eJPT. I have decided to make myself a plan in 3 phases for my overall OSCP journey which you can find below!

If anyone has any good recommendations for learning Bash & Python I would appreciate that.

Job Experience : 2 Years in Apprentice/Junior Network Support Role
Certifications: CCENT (Hopefully I will be CCNA by end of the month)
Info Sec: Fairly Basic Knowledge

Phase 1
  • Read in Full ‘A Hands-On Introduction to Hacking by Georgia Weidman’
  • Brush Up Overall Linux Skills
  • Beginner Introduction to Python & Bash
    • Covered in Georgia’s Book
    • Also Read Python for Black Hat Book
    • Create basic network applications in both languages
    • Be able to ‘basic’ read both languages
  • Read All of Virtual Hacking Labs Courseware
    • Understand all Concepts in the Courseware
    • Carry out own research on each topic as well
    • Complete 5 Beginner Labs on Virtual Hacking Labs
  • (Good for Learning Web App Testing)
Phase 2
  • Virtual Hacking Labs Cont.
    • Complete All Remaining Beginner Labs on Virtual Hacking Labs
    • Complete 5 – 10 Advanced Labs on VHL’s (Possiblly more or less depending on time)
  • Complete 5 – 10 Labs on HackTheBox or Vulnhub without Walkthroughs
  • Install OWAWP_WebGoat and Improve Basic Web App Testing (Maybe save this for after OSCP)

Phase 3
  • Begin OSCP Lab Access
I would be greatly of any pointers etc.


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