Question about wireless course?

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Hi, i'm looking around for a wireless course to get started on, i do have access to CBT nuggets CCNA wireless series. I do have a CCNP in R&S and I'd like something along that line of complexity, i do find myself not nearly as strong in wireless as i am in other networking areas. Would the CCNA wireless be a good place to start or is it just to basic?
I have always used as a means of reading and knowledge but they don't have a wireless segment on there so here i am looking for other sites/series



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    I would start with CWNA, it's going to go way more in depth of the fundamentals of wireless and once you study and pass that it will make the CCNA-W way easier. The book for the new exam is supposed to come out this summer.
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    I'd second CWNA.

    CCNA Wireless is all about Cisco and WCS. It'll ask questions like in which submenu of which menu is option X located. It's extremely granular on the Cisco software and only covers the basics of wireless theory. Be prepared to memorize a lot of stuff if you take CCNA Wireless.

    This is probably the most accurate description of what to expect.
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    yes agree with all the comments above
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    The new CWNA exam book and electronic versions are already out.
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    I am about half way through the CWNA book. I had basically zero knowledge about wireless and feel pretty smart about everything so far. Like anything, maybe you do not need to know all the nuts and bolts to do the job, but actually understanding the technology will instill confidence.

    Now, I haven't actually fixed anything in my network and it's still a train wreck LOL. I have the ekauhau sidekick and I can see interference is not a problem and signal strength is good, yet for example if you video call on Zoom where I sit, you constantly freeze up. Can see the values on the WLC and they are fine. I did see myself reassociate to a further away AP. I have no idea why. The channel on the nearest AP is a DFS channel but the channel never changes so whatever. Wireless is annoying.

    Back the CCNA wireless. I want to take this test but I have zero interest in WCS. I need to understand the WLC more. Is this test not for me? Reviews for the book are not good.
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    I'm in the same boat. I want to learn more about wireless, but aside from a few Meraki APs, I don't use any Cisco equipment. I'm only pursuing CCNA Wireless because it will renew my other Cisco certs.
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    Well, I have 5520s in production. I did not set them up though, but I do know my way around it. I just would like to know more about some of the features.
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    download a 90 day eval vWLC and buy a couple of 3502 AP's that will teach you a great deal.
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