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Dear All,

First of all thank you everybody who is contributing and sharing valuable information.

I recently passed my exam in First Attempt, I been asked 150 questions, I finished in last minute (no review obviously - no option). I am also CCIE and PMP certified and did these certs in first attempts, so I want continue my track record.

My study plan was on and off.
It started in May 2016 with Eric Conrad finished, then found this forum. I started reading Sybex 7th edition cover to cover once with questions, then discontinued because some job shifting.
Moved to PMP finished in June 2017. Renewed my CCIE Lab in August.

Back to CISSP on August 2017 till the exam day. I studied 4 - 6 hrs a day
1. Eric Corad twice
2. Sybex 7th 3 times
3. Cybrary Videos.
4. Pearson videos
5. YouTube
6. total tester exams
7. Sybex Online exams
8. Sybex official exams
9. Some ref. from Shon Harris
10. Official book questions
11. Last days studied 11 Hour (Very good book must read before Sybx/Shon Harris and after Sybex/Shon Harris

About Exam
Exam is quite daunting task. Questions are mostly one liner but its very difficult to choose correct answer. Secondly, time is very less, other people may find sufficient. I felt same time management problem in PMP exam (200Q 4Hrs).

Advice & Recommendations

i. Don't totally relay on one book, exam can ask questions from anywhere, so better to understand all domain deeply. To deep understanding watch cybrary or any other videos on particular topic e.g., Domain 1 Security and Risk Management alongwith Cybrary videos of CISSP by Kelly Handerhan, watch her Videos on Risk Management Framework available same website for free. Similarly her videos on PCI/DSS etc. Those people who don't have any practical experience in Risk Management can understand the whole concept by watching the complete cert video

ii. Do questions as much as you can, because they will open your mind to understand the concept
iii. Try to teach the topic to somebody, it will help you to remember
iv. Don't move to next topic until you understand whole concept
vi. Do complete 150 questions mock tests 2 - 3 times. (I missed this part and suffered during exam. VERY VERY IMPORTANT)
vii. Don't take this exam easy

Thanks Everybody Again


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    Congratulations! Glad to hear that the hard work paid off!icon_lol.gif
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    CISSP - live n' kickin'
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    Thanks dear but i Must Say
    I don't agree ................ Its two inches deep and 1 mile wide icon_rolleyes.gifSIR; its miles deep and miles wide icon_thumright.gif

    Certified: CCIE RS, PMP, CISSP
    Now .... ???????
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    This is probably the best tip you can give someone. I just passed two days ago and only had a few seconds left for the last 3 questions or so. Read the question carefully, eliminate incorrect answers first. Most of the time you'll have two correct options left.
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    Thanks ISC2 ..... CISSP ..... to teach me ... my life's best moment

    I already posted my exam details earlier, in this post I just want to share my last part during exam. I was expecting to finish my exam in 100 questions so I focused and spent almost 150 mints for 100 questions but unfortunately after 100 questions, 101 came which was shocking because I have only 30 mints left and still 50 questions. NOW tension started .. how can i finish 50 in 30 mints ... in that moment i decided i ll finish the exam within 30 mints whatever result we come.
    When is click on last question, screen end the exam without any fail or pass popup ... i was 100% sure that i m fail, left my seat heavy-heartedly ... went to reception to collect my result. The Lady at reception said congs ... i was ... just listening her ... what .. what u said ... congs ... why ... ur result ... i hold the paper and ... what i saw was totally opposite ...

    Congratulations, we are please to ...... icon_cheers.gificon_cheers.gificon_cheers.gificon_cheers.gificon_cheers.gif

    Amazing feeling
    What a journey
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