Linux Plus pass advice?

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Good afternoon tech family,

So today I took the Linux + LX0-103 and failed with a 340. This is my second attempt at taking it. For some apparent reason I'm having a extremely tough time passing this cert. I heard the next half of it is alot easier. For those who've passed this test, what materials did you use to pass? I come from an Windows environment and I'm having a hard time grasping the concepts!!!



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    I believe it comes down to practice makes perfect...You have to get your hands dirty into the cmd line and practice memorizing it while you're dreaming/sleeping...I started the process, but then was more intrigued with PenTesting...BUT I do plan on getting back into the Linux trenches. I always believe though, before I take an exam, I better feel good about it before I go take it, because failing does suck and trying to take it over sucks even more. You might try the Linux Academy trial and maybe pay for a couple of months - it might help. I am a windows duder too, so flopping over from dos to linux is different, but similar, IMO...I mean, Microsoft is getting in bed with Linux with Azure/Powershell cmds...eventually, we admins are gonna be programmers as we progress into the future.
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    Install vmware workstation (free) on your computer. Install Ubuntu or Debian or whatever distro they seem to prefer for Linux+. ONLY use that system for your daily computer activities for a few weeks or months. Linux doesn't have big hardware requirements, you'll be able to get by on just a little bit of CPU & RAM.

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    At this time I recommend Linuxacademy courses:
    Linux+ and LPIC-1: System Administrator - Exam 101
    Linux+ and LPIC-1: System Administrator - Exam 102

    Do all Hands-on-labs, exercises, quizzes and you will pass exams.
    They also have 6 servers for you in their cloud.
    Good luck...
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    I used the PeasonVue book to study from and Linux Academy like duta7 said.

    Helpful tips:
    -When trying to achieve any OS cert be it Windows or Linux, it will always be best to actually use the OS whether in a VM or you balls to the wall install it on your computer (hardware)
    Knowing the commands and command line is essential to passing these exams.
    -It would be VERY helpful if you made flashcards of things like commands, what they do, the location of the binaries or configuration file directories, and common options that
    a command would use. On my first exam for both parts, I got around 10-15 fill in the blank questions. You usually end up having to type out an entire path to a directory, command
    or even a command + command option. If you're used to taking multiple choice tests, get in the habit of doing flashcards for fill in the blank exams as well.
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    I used Linux Academy for this cert. I also used CentOS 7 as my only OS and did as much as possible from the CLI. If you have a Mac you can get away w/ this too, but it's much, much better to use actual Linux.

    The exam favors yum flavored distros - RHEL, Amazon Linux, CentOS, etc. Make sure you focus on that. Definitely practice on both CentOS/RHEL 6 and 7 since they are different from each other. You need to know systemd and sysvinit decently well. Then you want an apt-based bistro such as Debian/Ubuntu. Since I had CentOS 7 as my daily driver, I installed CentOS 6 and Ubuntu headless VMs and practiced. Make sure you know all the commands and the popular switches for each. You also need to know the OS layout pretty well and some administration topics.

    Is there a specific part that you did really poorly on the exam? Or something you don't understand very well? We might be able to give you tailored resources for that specific topic.
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