Passed SECFND 210-250 in 19 days

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I passed the SECFND 210-250 exam with an 865 in 19 days. I have the CCNA:Security, which helped alittle. Here's the story:

I didn't know that I was in cohort 5 until about March 1st. I had responded to the email to move cohorts and had requested cohort 6. I had also requested to change my email address to my WGU email address. The reason that I requested the move was because of the holidays and work was starting to ramp up.

I checked my WGU email every day and didn't get any emails about the Cyber Ops scholarship. I thought all was well and that I was moved to a later cohort. On March 1st, I decided to check my old email address. Oh sh*t! There was an email from Cisco saying that I haven't logged into the course and that I could potentially be dropped!

I started to panic and quickly started studying. My goal was to complete at least 1 module a day(there are 14 modules). However, there were some modules that took more than a day to complete. Around March 15th I received an email saying that the last day to get a voucher was March 19th. In order to get the voucher you have to complete all the modules. I didn't finish all the modules until March 18th.Just in time!

The voucher that they give you expires in 5 days, which would be March 24th. I thought to myself, "5 days, that a lot of time to review!" Welp, turns out that the latest date available at the testing center was March 21st. F*ck…

Going into the exam I wasn't feeling too confident (a first for me). I knew that if I didn't pass that I wasn't going to get a free retake. I didn't really want to spend $300 out of pocket to take the test.. Thankfully, the test wasn't that bad! The questions weren't that long so I was able to fly through the test in about 30 minutes.There were a few things that I didn't know, but I've been reading up on them since I got back from the testing center.

Overall, SECFNDis a good test. I wish that the CCNA Cyber Ops was out before I took my CCNASecurity. I think that it would have made the CCNA Security easier.


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    Congrats!! I think the exam wasn't difficult if you read the Cisco Press Book and the documentation that was sourced within the book. I strongly encourage you to take your exam ASAP. Between OPS and FND theirs is much overlap.
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    Congratulations! Thanks for sharing!!
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