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Hi guys I recently failed the 901 and im really upset about it, i go 600 out of 675, the i know i need to read the questions more carefully but is there anything else i could do i use professor Messer and exam cram along with other ways which i know that help me, i also have extreme exam anxity could that be a reason why i failed because i over think during the exam? any help would be great


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    Hi gemgem, sorry for the fail. Maybe you can try to understand what is a catalyst for your anxiety? I think one of the most important factors for avoiding anxiety is sleep; at least 7 hours a day for week leading up to the exam. Foods; One of my college professors explained to our class before midterms and finals to make sure your brain has enough energy. Not a time to diet, so unless you have diabetes type 2, ensure your brain is swimming in sugar. Healthy carb loading is a possibility. Avoid calorie dense and over processed foods, takes lots of energy to break these down and digest and your stomach is more than capable of stealing energy from your brain to make sure you process your last meal. Know what foods trigger "brain fog". Show up an hour ahead of scheduled test. This will give you time to unwind from driving/commute or buffer any unexpected delay. I think Professor Messer is an excellent finishing touch or companion to another source on the entry CompTIA certs (think of brand new car that has not been washed and waxed or birthday cake without frosting and candles) while Exam Cram is just practice (you learn the answers but not why). You need something else to build on the fundamentals. Does CompTIA still give you a breakdown on what areas you need help on? Did you think you were guessing at any of the answers?
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    Here's the path that I recommend and what I have done for my certs.

    1. Get all the training materials you can get your hands on.
    2. Get all the lab equipment you can get your hands on.
    3. Go through all the materials once without taking notes. Just listen and absorb.
    4. Go through it a second time, take handwritten notes.
    5. Transfer the notes you don't remember or think are most important to digital format, and I like to run it through DSpeech and listen to them when running, driving, etc.
    6. MESS AROUND WITH EQUIPMENT! The exam questions are written by people from their experiences, so it's really important to get as much hands on experience you can with the technologies on the objectives. Get some old phones, computers, whatever you can and build yourself a mad scientist's lab. Use Virtualbox and go through installations. If you aren't having fun noodling around with equipment, you probably won't make it far in this industry anyway. We love our electronic toys.
    7. About two weeks before you are going to sit for it, put the training materials away and get your hands on every practice exam you can. A+ is VERY well-supported and you'll be able to get so much content. Do nothing but practice questions every day. I print them out and write notes alongside answers - why this one is right, why this one is wrong, etc. Get a variety of sources - I think there's like Boson, Pearson might have some, ExamCram I think still does A+ - a variety of sources will have different perspectives and give you the most rounded-out experience with different types of questions.

    Finally, get a LOT of sleep before the exam. Schedule it for later in the day and SLEEP IN. Your best tool is a sharp mind and if you didn't get sleep, you'll be foggy and start second guessing answers you should automatically just know.

    I have not failed an exam yet, though the last one I took I came close because I didn't follow my own formula. I didn't have enough ramp up time before the exam with practice questions and the night before my roommate decided he just HAD to be up and down to the bathroom 999999 times so I got barely any sleep. As a result it was REALLY rough.

    Good luck and I'm sure you will do better next time.
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    Don't over think the questions....the first answer is usually the right one. Read the Myers A+ book and go over the exam objectives compared to your exam score sheet and you should be golden.
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    Ive seen many good comments in here. I also have test anxity and its hard to over come. But like many have said get lots of rest before you go, take it later in the day, find and use practice questions. These have all helped me.
    Now go back and look at the sections you missed and work on those. Professer Messer has feee videos listen to those sections, re-read those sections and take notes.
    Last thing is we all fail thats life. Now cry eat some ice cream and tomorrow get up angry and fight back. You can do this.
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    If you need a cheap voucher to retake the test I'm selling 2 for $75 each
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    very good answers
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    sorry to read this. don't get discouraged.. not everyone has the same rhythm with exams, I am sure now that you have sited this one that you will pass the next time you give!
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    Don't be discouraged! Think of it like this: Now you know what to expect so half the battle is already won. When I took the 901 a couple of weeks ago I barely past using the same materials: Exam Cram by Prowse and Prof Messer on Youtube. For me, I think the exam cram is barely enough to get by (hence cram). Try to use more in depth methods as listed above. What really helped me was the little bit of experience I did have from building computers and troubleshooting friends' computers. Dont be afraid to get your hands dirty! You got this man!!!
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    Like everyone has already said...Don't be discouraged. I used the Prof Messer videos, the Mike Meyers A+ book, Prof Messer Quiz Notes, and study for about 4 months with about 2500+ practice questions and i barely passed my 220-901 test. I'm studying for the 220-902 now and i'm really drilling this info into my head so i know the material backwards and forwards for my test.

    Just keep at it and don't give up.
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    D20 how was the prof Messer Notes for the test (901).
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    D20 how was the prof Messer Notes for the test (901).

    They were beneficial. Any questions in my opinion are worth it to get you thinking of how to get to the "best" answer.
    I will far in my experience the questions from MeasureUp have been the closest to how they are asked on the actual A+ exam.
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    Hello h1997potter,

    Do you still have these vouchers and how long are they good for? With all the money that I've spent in attending classes, a vouchers, I'm looking to not stress out my wallet and this price is good compared to what I've been paying.
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    gemgem1993 wrote: »
    Hi guys I recently failed the 901 and im really upset about it, i go 600 out of 675, the i know i need to read the questions more carefully but is there anything else i could do i use professor Messer and exam cram along with other ways which i know that help me, i also have extreme exam anxity could that be a reason why i failed because i over think during the exam? any help would be great

    You failed? So what. Everyone falls down, what matters is that you get back up.

    Pro of failing: You know know what to expect for the exam.

    Tips to pass the next time.

    Schedule the exam for two weeks from today.
    From today complete tons of practice exams! For every answer, write or jot down on a separate piece of paper, why this answer is correct (Important!).

    I highly recommend you purchase, Professor Messer's Pop Quiz on the following link:

    Stop procrastinating! Hard work = Results! Be confident. Eat healthy, drink around 2/3 liters of water (depending on your body weight/exercise). Get at least 8 hours of sleep hey, even go for a run/exercise to stimulate the mind.

    Why buy Prof Messer's Pop Quiz pdf? It has the Q&A's for the 901/902 exam and also explains why the answers are correct! this is what you need so that you know what's right! It also presents YouTube video links to the related question so that you can view the topic to be 100% solid in the exam objective for the question.

    I guarantee you will pass, if you follow my steps to a great definition... Perseverance and Patience is required. You will pass. Repeat this and acknowledge this. You know you can pass, but you need to squeeze a little bit more outta the revision, buddy.

    You got this.
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    Most of my class failed on their first try when 70% of people pass right after they're done with taking a class (assuming they really participated in the process I'm guessing). Most of who tried cheated their way through Kaplan to get my schools requirement of two 90's to get the voucher. 

    Let me take a step back. Few admitted to cheating, looking things up, saving previous answers to get the right answers. I think what I did different than all of them is I studied not just the questions and the answers but I always wanted to understand why. By the way transcender is now Kaplan.

    Others who failed crammed hard core with Kaplan until they got their 2 90's or getting 90% twice on the "quick quiz". A systematically worked through all the questions and hit on the ones I struggled with repeatedly. Some of that meant getting onto quizlet. Typing in the table of information I needed to remember and coming back to practice on it with the match game.

    "quizlet com 322844595 cabling-capacity-and-ranges-flash-cards/" You'll have to add the http, dot com and the / where spaces are. I haven't been around long enough to add a real link.

    Click on DE Nichols on quizlet to get more A+, Net+, and more that I did based on CompTia's chapters and stuff I couldn't remember just be taking questions from Kaplan.
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