Ethernet Sniffer Tracing CCNA studying with Home Lab

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I am using an old IBM 8222 Ethernet Workgroup 16 port Hub, that I want to use for Ethernet Sniffer Tracing through the Network Lab. This model Hub is a Single Segment , Single LAN type, and Unmanaged. However, it is a
10BASE-T Hub. I plan to connect my Laptop with a 25' Cat 6 Ethernet cable to the Hub and then connect into my Network Lab. My Laptop's NIC card is an Intel(R) 82567LF Gigabit Network Connection. Will this be OK? Will the speed be miss matched and real slow? Is this Hub sufficient, or should I get a 100BASE-TX Hub instead? Am I wasting my time with a 10BASE-T Hub for the Ethernet Sniffer Tracing?

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