Boson netsim 6.0 & access-list questions

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Hi to all,

I'm currently studying for CCNA 2 and as you can see I'm using Boson's netsim (I've read on the forum this is the LEAST bad simulator).

Now I'm making access-lists to block telnet traffic from certain hosts to certain networks (of other hosts). But how to I test them?

I previously used packet tracer to make the same list and step 5 was: test your ACL, bit hard since packet tracer does not support telnetting from pc to pc. It only supports ping and traceroute as far as I know.

Does onyone happen to know how to telnet from pc to pc in either netsim or packet tracer?

Many thanks!



  • hectorjhrdzhectorjhrdz Member Posts: 127
    is not the better way but you can replace the remote pc with a router and then perform the telnet.

    i mean , make a back to back conection from e0/0(for example) to e0/0(sustitute rtr) in the topology design and you will make a telnet from a pc to a router wich is acepted for the sim and you can test your ACL

    have nice sim!!
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