Passed CISSP

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I passed the exam last evening (first attempt). Like many said before, it's one of the hardest exams and need an in-depth understanding and mindset to answer those questions.

Please note that everyone's experience is different. My observations are listed below based on my own experience. It might be different from others' experiences.

I read three different books twice and went through three different practice exam sources including the official one with more than 2000 questions but none of them would prepare you for the exam. In my opinion, practice tests with 90% scores might put you in a wrong comfort zone. I am not suggesting to not go through practice tests since it would give you a sense of your timing, how to read questions quickly etc etc.
But please focus on the mindset of a cyber security manager or CISO about different situations and scenarios. I have more than 20 years of IT experience in different roles including managerial and leadership, which helps me aligning with cissp mindset.

All the best!



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