Can you study for Proj + with PMP materials

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So I have Joseph Phillips PMP Book and Udemy course... so that's the end goal but I'm going to use Proj + as a placeholder and confidence builder before taking the PMP. If I use the PMP materials to study from will I be good to go? Are the 47 processes focused on in Proj + or just concepts?


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    Took a quick glance at the Project+ objectives ( and looks to be quite a bit of overlap with the PMBOK/PMP materials. I used Joseph Phillips PMP course on Udemy and thought it was very good.

    I didn't notice any glaring gaps but review the Project+ objectives and see where you need to study up on. It'd probably be better to start with a project+ materials and then move onto the PMP materials as a review building upon the project+ studies/materials
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    Seems to me you are on the right track. Just compare the objectives. Years ago I was studying for MCSE, and studying the more challenging networking concepts. Since I was already studying the Microsoft networking stuff, I took a quick sidetrip to take the new Network+, and I think I missed only one question. Likewise I would expect the PMP material to be a bit more advanced, and cover similar concepts. So, doing Project+ in the process is wise.
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