Just starting A+, advice wanted

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I have just decided to go for my career in IT, i have a fair bit of experience with PC's as i have been playing around with them since i was only a little toddler, i am looking at doing both the A+ exams following up with a couple of MS qualifications, i was just wondering where the starting point would be and would be grateful of any advice if there are a few people out there in the same position
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    Well, the A+ is the place to start. After that, try looking into some other CompTIA Certs like Network+, Server+, and Security+ since they are all respected and can help with the Microsoft certs later. If you decide not to do that and jump into Microsoft, go for the MCSE. I started with the XP exam (70-270) and am working my way through and need just 1 more Microsoft exam for MCSA. I am also mixing in Network+ right now and after MCSA I think I'm going to hit Server+ next.

    It really is your own preference though...I've seen some guys on here that got CCNA first and then went back for Network+ and MCSE...Just look at the different certs and related suggested careers and see where you want to be and it will fall into place.

    Good Luck!
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