Just completed the book. Now what?

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I just read the last page of ICND1 book from Wendell Odom. I read carefully from page to page, trying to understand every concept before moving on. I did not go back to repeat any chapters yet however. I have done some labs that was included on a CD with the Book. But those labs just included content up to setting vlans, and switchport security. There was no labs beyond these topics (ACL, ipv6 etc). I have a couple of free days where I got chance to study now and my goal is to write the rest within 30 days from now, hopefully sooner. What do I do now to get ready for the rest? Watch videos, buy some labs, repeat the Book? Whats the best way?

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    Look into watching purchasing CCNA videos from Udemy. Since, you stated that you done some labbing, look into download Cisco Packet tracer and do more labbing to get a better understanding. I am also going back to study for my CCNA after a few years break, and need to review most of the material.
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    Do understand and can describe all the topics on the exam objectives? If not, go over the ones you can't. Once you can, you take the test...
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