passed CV0-001

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Good morning, all!

I passed the 001 version of Cloud+ yesterday with an 847.

Study materials used:
McGraw-Hill's Cloud+ book by Stammer and Wilson
McGraw-Hill's Cloud Essentials book
LearnKey practice exams from both above books. A bit of a hassle getting the bonus exams, but McGH tech support got me squared away.

I did read the Cloud+ book cover-to-cover, and ran through about 200 practice exam questions, but didn't really exert myself as I usually do. My
exam score was consistent with my practice exam scores.

For me, the Cloud+ material wasn't difficult, but only because I have a lot of exposure to Windows Server, Linux, VMware vSphere, and storage management. Ironically, the textbook which helped me the most was EMC's Information Storage and Management that I had used to prepare for EMCISA. IMHO, I feel like the exam was biased about 2/3 for the provider end rather than customer end. Given that there are orders of magnitude more customers than providers, I would have liked to see more coverage of IPsec tunnel details, AD federation, etc.

Beware highly technical topics in the Stammer & Wilson book. IIRC, NPIV was one topic that the book had completely bass-ackwards. While I was reading it, it seemed obvious the authors didn't understand it, so I went to Google, verified that the book was wrong, then went to my notes for EMCISA and re-learned it from there.

There was one question for which there was no right answer whatsoever. I am assuming that was one of the "ringer" questions that didn't apply to the exam score.


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