Took CAS-002 3/28/2018 Fail

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I passed the CAS-001 back in 2014 but never recertified it since I was working in the commercial industry and not DoD. Sure enough, a DoD job I want needs the CASP and they gave me a weekish to try and get it. I have been in the telecommunications field for 15+ years so I have a lot of technical experience but don't deal with many of the topics on this exam. I remember thinking I failed the CAS-001 the first time I took it and was surprised I passed, I was hoping for the same results yesterday but not so lucky.

As far as sims, I got the Linux hardening one, modify ACL, network security design w/ budget, drag and drop PaaS/SaaS/IaaS, risk mitigation w/ vendor, md5 hash check with install.exe, cant think of any others off the top of my head. I'm not sure if I passed the Linux one or the Pass/SaaS/Iaas Cloud one, I shut down the services on the Linux box but I never studied that sim so I am unsure what else I needed to do. The multiple choice were tough, I studied about 150 questions out of a 900 question pool and I only saw a few on the exam. I only got a couple with formulas.

I convinced the job to give me until Monday to try it again, but I'm kinda torn on how to study. I obviously don't have time to go through a book, but going over practice questions is tough because of how scattered the topics are.


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    What question Bank did you use ? Thanks for the advice bro ....anymore you can say about the sims? Also I hope you have passed since !
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