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Thanks ISC2 ..... CISSP ..... to teach me ... my life's best moment

I already posted my exam details earlier, in this post I just want to share my last part during exam. I was expecting to finish my exam in 100 questions so I focused and spent almost 150 mints for 100 questions but unfortunately after 100 questions, 101 came which was shocking because I have only 30 mints left and still 50 questions. NOW tension started .. how can i finish 50 in 30 mints ... in that moment i decided i ll finish the exam within 30 mints whatever result we come.
When is click on last question, screen end the exam without any fail or pass popup ... i was 100% sure that i m fail, left my seat heavy-heartedly ... went to reception to collect my result. The Lady at reception said congs ... i was ... just listening her ... what .. what u said ... congs ... why ... ur result ... i hold the paper and ... what i saw was totally opposite ...

Congratulations, we are please to ...... icon_cheers.gificon_cheers.gificon_cheers.gificon_cheers.gificon_cheers.gif

Amazing feeling
What a journey


i. Sybex 7th Edition + questions
ii. 11th hour
iii. Cybrary
iv. Pearson's videos
v. Total Test Exam

Finished: .... CCIE Lab (RS), PMP, CISSP
Planning for CCIE (Security), CRISC ISACA, ISO2700, CEH


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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Congratulations on the pass. I passed mine in the 29th and am still on cloud nine. I too had 150 questions and was sure I failed due to all the "I passed in only 100 questions" posts here. Time management is REALLY important. I think that for people reading these threads they should allocate time as if they are going to get 150 questions-you MIGHT get 100 questions but you also might wind up with 150 as well. When I took my Security+ exam I got completely bitten by the lack of time and was like you and had to totally rush through the last 30 questions-NOT fun.

    When I looked at the piece of paper expecting to see FAIL I was shocked to see "congratuations" and I yelled out I PASSED. I felt really awful because the receptionist gave me a dirty look and when I turned slightly there was some other lady that I hadn't seen that was crying icon_sad.gif
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    Working on: staying alive and staying employed
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    Keep struggle ...
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    Congratulations on the pass!
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    Congratulations icon_cheers.gif
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