Passed the CySA+

f16jetmanf16jetman Member Posts: 108
Today I passed the CySA+ with a 809 after 10 days of study.

Why such short study time? Well I just realized my A+, Net+ and Sec+ were are set to expire on April 3rd, so I decided to go for the CySA+ to get the 3 certs re-certified plus a new one!

I was very nervous going in as what I heard about this test made me think I would fail. Were there a lot of log questions? Yes, but they were pretty easy to understand. Lots of questions on response and types of threats.

I used:
Sybex guide by Mike Chapple (So many typos) B+
Udemy Total Seminars course by Brent Chapmen A+
GTS Learning guide (Found it through Skill Port) B+
I picked the wrong profession. Too much studying. :study:
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