Taking the 901 next week, questions for those who have taken it!

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Hello everyone! I'm set to take my 901 exam next Monday (4/9) and I'm a bit nervous. I have done the full Udemy Mike Meyers 901 course, the entire Comptia Certmaster 901 course, gone through countless study material and made flash cards. I'm also already working as an information technician full time and have been for about 7-8 months, so I have some field experience. Also went through tons of practice test and bought Mike Meyers practice test, scoring pretty high on those, about 80% and up. Even though I'm pretty confident that I know the material fairly well and for the most part I'm a good test taker, this is my first time taking a cert exam so I still feel uneasy. icon_rolleyes.gif For those who have taken it, do you think I'm prepared based off this? And what surprises did you guys encounter when taking the 901? All advice is welcome! :D


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    To prepare for my 220-901 i used Professor Messer's videos, the Mike Meyer's A+ all in one book, home made flash cards, and any practice tests i could find online as well as the Professor Messer 220-901 quiz. I've been working in the IT field for about 7 years...took a 5 year break and went into retail (wasn't for me long term) and just got back into IT about a year ago. I studied for about 3-4 months and took my test. I will mention i am NOT good at taking tests! I get really bad test anxiety! I barely passed my 220-901, but a pass is a pass.

    To me it sounds like you are on the right track and you are probably ready. I get nervous every time i take an exam, but its ok. You are stepping out and in the end you are doing this to gain knowledge.

    I will say when i took my 220-901 i wasn't prepared for the simulations that were on the test, but i feel like i worked through them well.

    Sorry if i rambled. Been up since 5am and haven't had enough coffee yet haha!
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    Sounds like you'll pass with flying colors. There were many simulations during my 901. Make sure you do enough practice exams with simulations and remember not to cram too hard the last day and make sure you have a good nights sleep.
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    DazeddDazedd Member Posts: 8 ■■□□□□□□□□

    I passed! icon_cheers.gif
    Thanks for all the advice guys, I wasn't surprised when the simulations popped up. Now it's time to work on the 902!
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