Passed the CISSP!

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Wow, I echo what a lot of others have said. Thought there was no way I passed this about half way through. The questions weren't anything like what else I had used while studying. I started studying 2 years ago and put it aside after a month, things just got busy. About 3 months ago I decided that I was going to go for it and picked it back up. Studied a lot, like 2-4 hrs a day, most days. Stopped at 100 questions on the exam.

I used Sybex, Shon, 11th Hr. by Conrad. I used questions from books, CISSP official app, Total Tester, and a couple other apps. Watched Kelly on Crybery about 3 months ago, it was ok. Not sure what to tell people to use as I was taking the test and thinking to myself none of this material was in the books to about 90% of the questions. Obviously somehow reading all those books helped in an indirect knowledge kind of way. Glad it is over.

Had a question for the board. I'm the head of IT at a small organization and I really got this to broaden my knowledge. A lot of people take certs vertically to show skill sets in a particular area. I'm trying to show broad knowledge of a lot of areas. I have passed ITIL V3 Foundations and now CISSP. I know a lot of people go for other Infosec certs after passing CISSP but was thinking that it wouldn't really do much for me as what does it really "prove" other than you can pass multiple test on Infosec. Maybe I'm wrong here and if anyone has insight please let me know. I was thinking of tackling PMP next and then maybe COBIT. So it would be service delivery, infosec, project management, and IT governance.

Any other thoughts of direction would greatly be appreciated. I also wanted to say, thanks. I know I haven't posted before but I have been lurking around for a while and I got some great advice form these forums and it is much appreciated.


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    Stopped at 100 questions on the exam.

    Why? If you answer questions do they count against you? For example if the exam is 250 questions, if I was on 200 of 250 with 10 minutes left to go and I just start guessing on the remaining 50 and hopefully I would get a couple right? Or would you consider that to be considered bad? Or perhaps did you run out of time?
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    My understanding is that the new version of the CISSP stops at 100 questions if you have advanced to a level of questions that are above the passing level for the exam.
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    It seems that on the new CAT version of the exam that when it stops at 100, it means you've passed.

    Just going from what I've been reading here.
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    Sorry, I meant that the test ended at 100 questions not that I just stopped. I think there was one person on the "passed" threads that went over 100 and still passed but not positive. Just got approved to move forward with the PMP so I'm full steam ahead on that one now.
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