Need your advice on how to up my skills?

Hi All,

I am currently working for a small-medium broadband company as their 'Solutions Architect' and have had this role for the last 6 months. This was my first role in security coming from a programming background (11 years). I wanted a change and moved to Cyber Sec.

My current role roughly does the following:

- QA all Cyber Security proposals
- Write up proposal and RFP's for new/existing clients through meetings etc.
- Write up of SOWs (statement of work)
- Picking up high knowledge of all our security sectors etc

I am currently due to start my Security + plus course and hoping to complete this course/exam mid year.

But i feel like i'm not doing enough or learning enough. My role is interesting but not sure if i'm picking up the real skills in Security? What are your thoughts?

Does my role give me a good chance in the market or do i need to self study and pick up on other skills? If so, what skills/courses would you recommend doing that will allow me to stay relevant in Security? In Security, which sector should i look into that has a bright future and good pay?

I was more technical and hands on when i was doing programming but now it feels like i'm not doing enough.

Your responses will be highly appreciated.

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