Cisco Career Certification & Confidentiality Agreement

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Hi all,

I'm new here and unfortunately my first discussion has to be about my disappointment and frustration on how CCNA exam is being built and the poor customer service by Pearson Vue, following that.
I'll start by saying I work in IT for more than 8 years and as an IT manager for the last 4.
I have decided to get my first Cisco certification as part of my career progression and a took a quick course and studied by myself for quite a while to master the possible questions on the upcoming exam.

To make a long story short, my CCNA exam has been scheduled on the 24th of March, which was Saturday in Brixton, London and I have received time accommodations as English is not my native language. (55 extra minutes as stated on the confirmation email)
The guy who was in charge of the facility logged in and started the exam for me.
As I'm reading through the Confidentiality agreement, suddenly the screen switches to a message indicating I've been removed from the exam as I did not agree to the terms!?
Pearson Vue's tech support wasn't able to assist, nor the guys at the testing facility. According to tech support, only customer service are able to assist. I had to just get up and leave, same as I came!
Now i'm chasing their customer service with crazy waiting times and poor resolution suggestions for this pity case of me trying to get certified by such a corporation.
After emailing everyday for the last week.
I managed to speak to a manager in Customer service, called Garry, who after waiting for 1 hour and 20 minutes said to me there is nothing we can do, if you didn't accept the NDA! For some reason customer support thinka I've paid £264 and studied just to read the NDA and go home.. No common sense at all within the team!
Which means:
- no refund
- no resit
- pay more money!

What I'm finding very hard to believe is why they insist the candidate should read this agreement in 15 minutes and how they expect non-native English speaker candidates to be able to do the same?? I've found a copy of this NDA online for everyone to get the idea of the length of it (should be attached). and even if they do, pop up a window or mention that once the time runs out, the exam will be terminated! that's the least a company who controls the majority of the networks can do...

To conclude things, I've left with 3 options here:
1. Hoping there is a still something that can be done regarding my exam (if maybe one of you had the same experience?)
2. Pay for another exam (£264) which is completely ridiculous
3. Seek legal advice regarding this scenario as I'm sure something doesn't smell right in this whole process and I think a proper legal case will sort this out for me and the future generation as well.

Needless to say that after this wonderful experience, I'm going to dedicate my free time to flood the web with this story until an accepted resolution will be proposed, as from my web search I didn't come across anything similar and I'm really finding it hard to believe I'm the only candidate who had this issue..

So I hope I will find some justice and sense in this story soon enough and a giant corporation as Cisco will be able to improve this case on their exams.

Please feel free to share similar stories and suggestions for possible resolutions to my tiny issue.

thanks for reading it through,
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