Masters in Virtualization

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So I was thinking about getting a masters degree (my company will pay for it, I know lucky me right?) but I can't find one that specializes in only Virtualization/Cloud computing that is also an online (ie...working person) one. Anyone know of any? Or is it that really only the certs will matter in the long run along with my work experience.

It's just I'm very passionate about learning all I can, and the masters just seems like a natural step in my chain.


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    You could look into this degree.
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  • pkovatch7pkovatch7 Registered Users Posts: 3 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Thank you. Doing that now. Any other ideas from anyone? Or is it basically cert central?
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    College degrees are like tattoos, where choosing something timeless tends to work out better than choosing something trendy at the time.
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    yoba222 wrote: »
    College degrees are like tattoos, where choosing something timeless tends to work out better than choosing something trendy at the time.

    This. And I would be surprised if you found a Master's degree that is as specialized as you're asking for... And I would also question it. Thats what certs are for.
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    In my opinion the value in achieving VCDX title far exceed the value of an Online Master degree. Such a certificate recognized by many experts and deeply touches Virtualization aspects.
    If I were in your shoes, I would prepare myself for it or convince the boss for the VCDX.
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    I already have an Associates in Computer Science Computer Software Dev, and a Bachelors in Information and cyber security. I highly doubt that virtualization is as "fly by night" as others may assume, but at least where I work it is heavily used. This would just round out the information I have with some best practices for Datacenter Virtualizations and such like that.

    Thank your your input though.
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    carenator said:
    The only master degree I find worthy of our time is MBA. If you can get that, employers will commend respect to you and you will probably get a high-paying job easily.

    The MBA is for business is what the CISSP is for Information Security. You can get an MBA degree without having any actual hands-on experience in business. This means that you will not get a high-paying job just because you only have an MBA. (You will not get a high-paying InfoSec job for having only a CISSP either.) People with a broad range of business experience don't need an MBA unless they want to develop business contacts from attending a highly-accredited MBA the program.
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